The Spirit of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary

from the Memoirs of the Congregation of the Felician Sisters, 1912

1. The sisters have been called by Divine Goodness to a community remaining under the special care of the Blessed Virgin and entrusted to Her Heart in a unique way. They should, therefore, strive to be at one with this Heart, imitate all its virtues, be imbued with its spirit as truly becomes the daughters of the Immaculate Heart.

2. Above all, their distinctive characteristic should be a unique filial love for their heavenly Mother in whose presence they should perform everything with a devoted affection. Al their activities will be animated with Her spirit.

3. This spirit should radiate in all their apostolic works by means of which they will enkindle in the hearts of others a spirit of devotion to, love for, and trust in Mary.

4. Moreover, the daughters of the Heart of Mary should remember that their entire life with Jesus must be hidden in her Heart. Dwelling in this holy Temple, they should be aware of an enduring communion with God. Thus they will love the interior life, never omitting prayer and practices of devotion, and, as far as human frailty will allow, they will never depart from this holy Temple and from God's presence, thus fulfilling all their duties in the Heart of Mary.

5. They shall love the silence and peace of his Heart by striving to live, pray, work, suffer and associate with their sisters in silence and peace.

6. The daughters of the Heart of Mary should strive with all the faculties of their soul to be united with Mary. With their memory let them recall the mysteries of Her life on Her feasts throughout the year; beginning every year on the Feast of Her Nativity living in Her Heart and growing with Her by offering themselves with Her to God, and reflecting on all the circumstances of Her life. With their reasoning let them understand everything through Mary's mind and often ask themselves what She would think in a given situation; how She would perceive and value it. Finally, with their will, let them unite their intentions with those of Her Immaculate Heart, asking themselves in all their situations and activities: How would Mary do this? And let them desire to perform all in that very spirit.

7. The daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary should strive to keep their hearts pure and guard their purity by not only refraining from all inordinate passions but keeping unsullied all their actions. A pure heart is most proper to their dignity.

8. The daughters of the Heart of Mary should strive to reflect continually the virtues of this Heart and imitate Her actions. Jesus sets this as the main condition for spiritual childhood. Even the laity should recognize the sisters as daughters of Mary by these virtues.

Let them, therefore, imitate the humility and peace of this Heart, as  well as its obedience, patience and courage. Particularly let them consider Mary's Heart as a model, as a boundless ocean of mercy, as a courageous love never defeated by human malice or ingratitude, and as a fount of compassion unable to resist any misery or to repulse even the greatest sinner. In imitation of Mary's Heart, let them strive to become gentleness itself so that they may not be indifferent to any misery, but that their charity remain undaunted and unconquered by indifference, harshness, anger, ingratitude, wrong or insult.

9. Indeed, daughters of the Heart of Mary should become imbued with the sensitivity of this Immaculate Heart. They should love all people with Her maternal love and especially those entrusted to their care by Her Divine Son. Let them, like Mary, desire that all people know and love Him more and more. Let them rejoice with Her joy when He is glorified, co-suffer with Her over His sufferings, grieve with Her when He is offended, compassionate with Her over human misery, and yearn with Her for heaven. In brief, they should be most closely united to this dearest Immaculate Heart, with which God so miraculously united them.

10. Such are the responsibilities which the title of Daughters of the Heart of Mary imposes upon those who enjoy Her providential care and the privilege of abiding in Her Heart. This should be in their thoughts, words, and actions. Such should be the spirit with which everything in this Congregation ought to be animated for the greater glory of Her Immaculate Heart.