Starting on February 16 to 18 there was held a meeting at the Museum and Archives for the Sisters serving in the internal works of the Congregation. From each Province arrived three Sisters. Among them were Sisters working in the kitchen, Opłatkania (Host making) and at the Furta (Main Entrance), taking care of the convent’s grounds and helping the sick as well as performing all kinds of work for the good of the community.

During the three days meetings the Sisters took part in the devotion of Transitus in the cell of Bl. Mary Angela, visited the relics of Bl. Aniela Salawa, the patron saint of those who serve. They followed the footsteps of Mother Angela at the Provincial House and the roads of Bl. Aniela stopping at most of the places where she worked, gave witness of her life and suffering, and the place where she passed to the Lord. During these days, the Sisters participated in the conference given by Father Peter OFM Conv., in which he presented the ideal of life according to the Rule and Admonitions of St. Francis. He stressed that the Franciscan charism is not about WHAT we do, but HOW we do the work. And the QUALITY filled with the love is what matters.

We are grateful to God for His Presence that filled these days. DEO GRATIAS!  (See photos in the Galery)


On February 5, 2017, we met again in the Museum and Archives, to ponder over the writings of our Blessed Foundress and Blessed Father Honorat, the spiritual father of the Congregation. The texts which have been proposed to reflect upon, both from the writings of Mother Angela as those from Father Honorat’s letters to the Felician Sisters, in a very special way drew our attention to the spirituality of atonement in our Congregation. The Sisters shared their experience of different religious practices, which helped them to grow in this spirituality. Sisters highlighted anew the importance and richness of the Adorations of atonement. This is what Blessed Father Honorat wrote in 1888 in the Introduction to the Book of Life:

Likewise, I wish to remind you that ever since your beginning under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit you were well aware that this spiritual renewal ought to begin with the rebuilding of God's neglected worship in the world by means of adoration of atonement.


On January 25 to 27 we hosted in our house the Sisters before Tertianship from Our Lady of Czestochowa Province in Przemysl. These were the renewal days focused on gratitude for the life and charism of our Blessed Foundress. The Sisters prayed and shared the content of Mother’s letters, they experienced her vicinity during the Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated at her relics. They participated in the Transitus service which took place in Mother Angela’s room, exactly the same, in which she passed from this earth to heaven. Some of the Sisters for the first time had the opportunity to visit our first Generalate at Batory Street in Krakow. In short, the Sisters departed after the meeting enriched and strengthened by the grace of the Lord to further and more zealously minister wherever the Lord sends them.


On January 23, 2017 the Postulants from Our Lady Queen of Poland Province in Warsaw visited our house. They participated in the introduction to Lectio Epistuli, that is the way of pondering over the writings of our Patron Saints, they reflected upon and shared what they have discovered in the wealth of Blessed Father Honorat Kozminski’s letters written to the Felician Sisters. The letters written by Fr. Honorat to the Felician Felician have shown to the first Felicians, and continue to show to the current generation, the ideals of Felician way of life according to the founding intention of Blessed Foundress, Mary Angela Truszkowska. May this meeting deepen not only the knowledge of the spirituality of the Congregation, but also the fervor in the everyday living the spirituality.


On January 8, 2017 for the first time this year we met with the Sisters to draw from the wealth of our Blessed Mary Angela’s writings. Since we commemorate this year the Year of the Blessed Father Honorat, also during our meetings we ponder over the texts which he himself has written once to the Felician Sisters.

The excerpts from Bl. Father Honorat’s circular letters we reflected upon during the first meeting in the New Year are an echo of what our Blessed Mary Angela conveyed to us in her Testament:

That always the honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the spirit of atonement was in our Congregation treasured and that we would never leave from our Rule and from our life, as we began from the beginning.

And Bl. Father Honorat wrote in his circular letter on the occasion of 300th Anniversary of the Death of St. Felix of Cantalice:

How joyous I would be to see that each one of you is forming herself into a perfect Felician according to your Statutes and that all the sisters in their houses, wherever they may be, 1ive their 1ives in the same manner! I would like to see that a Felician, whether she be in Europe or in America, is everywhere a Felician who can be identified as such by her demeanor. I would like to see that the same spirit animates all and that all are guided according to the same norms …

Although these words were written over 100 years ago, they are very timely even today. We look forward to the next meeting to continue our reflection on what has been written for us and on the manner those words are being fulfilled in our contemporary lives.



On December 11, 2016, in the afternoon some of the Sisters came to the Museum and Archives for the next Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela. Since in few days we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Blessed Father Honorat Kozminski’s death, today’s meeting and the next few meetings, will be dedicated to his person. Today we pondered on some excerpts from the letters of Mother Mary Angela to the Sisters in which she wrote about Father Honorat, as well as from the letters addressed to him.

The Sisters expressed their desire to continue this topic, in order to better know the spirituality and holiness of Blessed Father Honorat, who from the very beginning of our Congregation was forming the Felician spirituality.


On December 6, 2016, on ten days before the 100th Anniversary of the passing to heaven of Blessed Father Honorat Kozminski, the spiritual director of the Felician Congregation in its beginnings, the Museum and Archives opened a special exhibition devoted to both his life and work, as well as the role he played in our Congregation.

May this exhibition be an expression of our gratitude for his great contribution to the formation of our first Sisters, for putting the spiritual foundation of our Congregation.






On November 11-13, 2016 we hosted at the Museum and Archives a group of our Sisters from the Przemysl Province. It was a formation meeting for the Sisters before Tertianship. Sisters shared together the word of Bl. Mary Angela after a previous introduction on Lectio Epistuli; they participated in the Eucharistic Liturgy at the altar with Mother’s relics; they experienced a specific Transitus exactly in Mother’s cell where in 1899 she passed to eternity. The Sisters also had the opportunity to listen to presentation on. Mother Angela’s Genealogy, they toured the Museum and "touched" the treasures kept in the Archives.

The Sisters returned to their communities with joyful and grateful hearts.


On November 6 there was the first, after the summer break, encounter with Blessed Mary Angela. Today we pondered over Mother Angela’s letters to Sister Mary Colette Sliwinska. In passages that we read one could see Mother’s exceptionally heartfelt relationship with Sister Colette. Matters considered in the letters are very personal and touching her path to holiness.


In the evening, on October 9, already as every year, we took part in Transitus, that means a commemoration of Bl. Mary Angela’s passing from this earth to heaven. Several of the Sisters came from the nearby local houses and from the Provincialate so to be united together in prayer.

During the ceremony, each Sister received a holy card with a "testament" of Bl. Mary Angela.


From September 30 to October 2 a meeting was held for the Nurse Sisters from three Polish Provinces. From each province arrived three Sisters, and from the Province of Krakow, taking advantage from the vicinity of the place, came additional Sisters according to their possibilities of the apostolate.

Each day had its own distinctive point of the program. And so the Sisters took a pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Shrine, where together they have passed through the Holy Door of Mercy, confessed their faith and renewed vows. The sisters spent one afternoon at the Provincial House to be able to get some of the spirituality of Mother Angela. There were also meetings dedicated to the nursing ministry – one was a conference given by Brother Ambrose Pietrzkiewicz, OH, and the second was a presentation showing the history of the development of nursing.

There were also a time for common discussion and sharing the experience of ministry among the sick. (See photos in the Galery)


The Coordinators of the Cult of Blessed Mary Angela from America, Kenya and Poland met in Krakow on September 6 – 9, 2016. The enriching program of the meeting, which took place mostly in the provincial house at Smolensk Street, foresaw a presentation and a tour of the Museum and Archives.

S. M. Blazeja Kowal gave a presentation on the genealogy of Bl. Mary Angela. In her presentation she offered not only the commonly known information about Mother Angela’s family, but also many, hitherto unknown facts, persons, places, etc. related both to Mother Angela herself, as well as to the family of her cousin Clothilde Ciechanowska, Mother Mary Veronica.

The Sisters had also the opportunity to visit the Museum and see various interesting "treasures" that are kept in the Archives. (See photos in the Galery)


Already on the next day after the conclusion of the World Youth Day the Sisters participating in the Tertianship, directed by SM Franciszka Stepniewska gathered in our Museum and Archives. As a part of the meeting was the presentation on the Canonization Process of our Blessed Mary Angela, tour of the Museum and meeting in the Archives to "touch" the original memorabilia of our Blessed Foundress. (See photos in the Galery)


For over two weeks the entire Poland, and Krakow in particular, was experiencing a special time of immediate preparation for World Youth Day. The streets of Krakow slowly were filling by the young crowd with colorful backpacks and speaking in many different languages. Also in our Museum and Archives it became colorful and one could hear different languages. On Tuesday, 26 July, 2016 the Felician Sisters from North America came to us with a group of young people from Felician Schools. All of them could tour the Museum, but due to limited space they had to do this in smaller groups.

Visiting the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela in Krakow was a continuation of a meeting with Blessed Mary Angela traveling in the footsteps of Bl. Mary Angela in Warsaw and visiting the church with her Relics in Kraków.


During the last week of July, when the entire Poland and Krakow were filled with joyful youth from all corners of the world, our Museum and Archives has become a center for the Felician Youth from the Polish Provinces. For this special time to the Museum came Postulants, Novices, Sisters in temporary profession and young sisters in perpetual profession from Warsaw and Przemysl. Full of enthusiasm they participated in catechesis, concerts and, of course, in all the meetings with Pope Francis.

They participated in the night vigil in Brzegi to attend Sunday morning Mass being missioned to bring God’s Mercy to all the places and people, to whom the Lord them sends.


On June 15, 2016 in the afternoon our Museum and Archives was visited by Senior Citizens from the Parish Senior. They came together with their priest, Fr. Albert Wołkiewicz and the Sisters from the Congregation of the Canonesses of the Holy Spirit: Sr. Fidelisa and Sr. Benigna. Our guests visited the entire Museum in order to deepen their knowledge of Bl. Mary Angela of whom they heard during one of their regular meetings from our Sisters of the Province of Krakow.

At the end of the meeting at the Museum our guests have received the Litany of Blessed Mary Angela and copies of the newsletter Posiew Miłości to better know our Blessed Foundress.


On June 13, 2016 hosted the Sisters from the Second Novitiate of the Krakow Province with their Director, preparing themselves to make perpetual vows. The aim of the meeting was not visiting the Museum, because each Sister was in our Museum and Archives already many times, as much as to participate in the presentation on: The spirit of Atonement in the Felician Congregation and Devotion to the Holy Face.

After the presentation the Sisters went to the Archives to see there some of the most interesting archival materials.

At the end of the meeting at the Museum and Archives the Sisters invited us for the celebration of their perpetual vows that will take place on August 5, 2016.


Today, June 12, 2016, for the last time in this school year we had Encounter with the Blessed Mary Angela in our Museum and Archives. Today recalled the entire history of the cloister at the beginning of our Congregation, so as to better understand the context of the letter of Bl. Mary Angela to Sister Maria Isabella Lebenstein.
The sisters shared what caught their attention in Mother Angela’s letter: her humility and concern for the cloistered Sisters. It is this very letter of which words permanently inscribed themselves in the Testament of the Founders: You have to be the rock for the future, on which the future generations are to be supported. (See photos in the Galery)


Today, June 10, 2016, our Museum was visited by another group of Sisters Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who were walking in the footsteps of their Foundress Blessed Mother Clara Szczęsna. Again, we could show the Sisters the place and some memorabilia associated not only with our Congregation, but also with their own Foundress and the beginnings of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

The Sisters also benefited from the possibility of choosing cards with excerpts from the writings of our Blessed Mary Angela as an invitation for reflection and better knowledge of her spirituality.


Today, May 17, 2016, in the morning hours another group of Sisters Se,rvants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, came to visit our Museum and Archives. This year, each retreat group of Sisters, had planned to visit places connected with their Blessed Foundress, Blessed Mother Clare Szczęsna. The beginnings of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart took place in the vicinity of our house, and Mother Foundress herself used to come to our chapel for adoration. At the time, the chapel was in the room where the Archives is situated. Indeed, it is a special place.

In the library the Sisters could see, among other things, three-volume work of their Saint Founder, St. Joseph Pelczar entitled: Pius IX and His Pontificate on the Background of the History of the Church in the XIX century with personally inscribed dedication to our Superior General, Mother Mary Magdalen Borowska.


                                                      Blessed Mary Angela.jpg             Blessed Mary Angela 2.jpg                                             

                                                                                 Blessed Mary Angela 3.jpg


This was the second encounter in our Museum and Archives with the Sisters Sercanki. On April 13, 2016 a group of Sisters starting their annual retreat came to visit the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska.

The Foundress of the Sisters Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Sercanki Sisters, Blessed Mother Klara Szczęsna, at the beginning of their Congregation used to come to our house for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Here she learned the religious life under the eye of Sister Mary Aloysia Wyczałkowska, then superior of our house. Therefore, in the year of gratitude for the gift of the beatification of their Foundress, Sisters came to visit our home.

In the Museum and Archives Sisters could see many memorabilia related to the beginning of our Congregation and of our spirituality. It turns out, that many elements of our spirituality we have in common. How good it is to reach to the history and roots of our Congregations. (See photos in the Galery)


In the afternoon on April 10, 2016 some of the Sisters from the surrounding communities came to the Meeting with Blessed Mary Angela. The meeting was dedicated to Blessed Mary Angela’s letters to Sister Mary Hedwig Sliwinska. All excerpts given to the Sisters for reflection were taken from the letters written in the years of 1861-1863. Mother Angela was at that time only 36-38 years old, and Sister Hedwig – 20-22 years old. Already then, she was entrusted with very responsible duties. Sister Hedwig was responsible for the Shelters, and in 1863, during the January uprising, she was responsible for all the field hospitals, where the sisters worked.

In Bl. Mary Angela’s letters to Sister Mary Hedwig impresses the depth of Mother’s guidance – always to the heights of holiness, to a deeper trust in God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, to readiness for all that God bestows, to the faithful fulfilment of God’s Will. Below are few sentences from the very rich correspondence:

You ask me for advice, for directives, but what are my instructions alongside those of the Holy Spirit? I prefer then to be silent and entrust you to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In Them seek light and guidance. I can only thank God for you, admire His grace, and ask that you worthily respond. (Warsaw, 1861)

You love God with an ardent love, which although yet imperfect, abounds in desires, and these will undoubtedly imbue your heart with that fervent love, for when a soul zealously yearns for it, she will without fail possess it. Therefore, do not cease in those desires, let them continue to intensify in your soul. And do you know how you will most quickly obtain that grace from God? By forgetting about yourself and sacrificing self for others, because Our Lord has said: “Whatsoever you did to the least of these little ones, you did it unto me”; and in another place: “A glass of cold water given in my name will not go without its reward.” And this Lord rewards, not like people, with gold and silver. His coin is a hundredfold more precious, because His reward is His blessing, His grace, His love. Is it not worth laboring for such a Lord who rewards so magnanimously? Labor then, my sister, and do not cease, because our respite is not here, for even Christ rested in heaven only after His earthly labors. (Warsaw, 1861)

I am happy, my dear Sister, to see your readiness for everything that God will demand of you, because highest perfection depends on perfect conformity to God’s Will. Would that I see you always in this disposition. I recommend as your main practice and as a special intention of your prayers: that you may never desire anything else but that which God wants, that you accept everything from Him with the conviction that what He sends you is the best for your soul, even if it appears difficult and painful or actually harmful. Remember, my dear daughter, that nothing harms our souls more and nothing delays our progress in perfection to a greater degree than the opposition to God’s will or reluctance in fulfilling it. (Warsaw, May 11, 1862)



On March 9, 2016, a group of Felician Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province, as a part of the formation meeting, visited the Museum and Archives. Sisters had the opportunity to walk again, sometimes after many years, one of the footsteps of Bl. Mary Angela, Foundress of the Congregation. Touring the Museum was enriched by a touch of memorabilia, which presented the spirit of Mother Angela and firt Felician’s Mercy.

The entire house was filled with joy and Franciscan simplicity in greetings, conversations, memories, and at the common table. (See the photos in the Galery.)


On Sunday afternoon, March 13, few Sisters came to the Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela, during which we pondered on Mother’s letters to Sister Mary Josepha Mikulińska.

Sister Mary Josepha was born in 1837, and she first entered the Congregation in 1859, and then, after she had left in order to dedicated her life to a life of prayer, she returned in 1862 and remained there until her death on April 2, 1918, exactly 75 years before the beatification day of Mother Mary Angela.

Sister Mary Joseph served in the Congregation in many important roles: already in the novitiate she was superior of Magdalenki, ie. penitents, she was superior in orphanage in Pecice, she served as a general councilor and general commissary substituting the Superior General during her absence. Sister Mary Joseph was a coordinator of works of mercy and she initiated the charitable activity of the Felician Sisters on Smolensk; later called, Sister Samuela’s Soup Kitchen.

Since the suppression of the Congregation, on the recommendation of Father Honorat Kozminski and Father Prokop Leszczynski, she was helping Blessed Mary Angela, and later became her constant companion and infirmarian fulfilling at the same time her many responsibilities.
Sister Mary Joseph also contributed to the fact that the Congregation received a permanent fund for candles for the Blessed Sacrament. Sister Jozefa was in close contact with Mother Jadwiga Wielhorska, a Carmelite in Rome, who received a significant inheritance from her family. At the request of Sister Jozefa she offered 10.000 zl. to our Congregation for this purpose. Thus, the desire of Blessed Mary Angela to obtain the privilege of daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the church at the motherhouse in Krakow was fulfilled.

In Blessed Mary Angela’s letters to Sister Mary Josepha strikes as usual her simplicity, extraordinary wisdom and spiritual ability to guide the soul to the heights of holiness. Here are some excerpts:

Your worries will not change God's design which at present are difficult and incomprehensible to us, but they are evidently good and necessary since God wills them and permits them whether as punishment for our sins or as a trial we ought to accept them.

I wish you especially the love with which Jesus loved us; so that your every step, every deed, every suffering may be an act and proof of that love …

God usually gives each soul the ability to perceive what He demands of her and by what paths He wishes to lead her. (...) all your mission, your whole salvation, your holiness depends on absolute abandonment to Will of God.

May Blessed Mary Angela’s words to Sister Mary Josepha be for us an inspiration and invitation to live in the love of God and to strive for holiness.


During our last meeting with Blessed Mary Angela, which was held on February 21, we pondered over the Mother Angela’s letters to Mother Mary Elizabeth Stummer.

Each of us was full of admiration for the fortitude of the soul of Mother Elisabeth, her dedication for the Congregation and her readiness to fulfil God's will whenever and wherever, even though it was associated with the detachment from her community. Over the years, she dedicated herself to God by serving Blessed Father Honorat in the preparation of our Constitution, while helping in the formation of new hidden congregations, which was the need of time.

Mother Mary Angela from the very beginning discovered in her the gifts of grace, which she used for the good of the entire Congregation.



This morning, February 20, the Sisters Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, who today start their annual retreat, came to visit our Museum and Archives.

Last year in September they were rejoicing with the gift of the beatification of their Mother Foundress, Mother Clare Szczesna who, after arriving in Krakow, as they themselves say, just in our house at Mikołajska Street, was learning how to live the religious life. It was here that she was coming for adoration, to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and under the guidance of our Sister Maria Aloysia Wyczałkowska she was preparing for the religious life in the newly formed community of Sisters, whose founder was St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar.

As they still celebrate the time of gratitude for the gift of beatification and at the same time celebrating the Centenary Anniversary of Blessed Clare Szczesna’s death, the Sisters visited our house and toured the Museum and Archives bringing themselves closer to the beginnings of their Congregation.


In the evening - February 18 – after the common prayer of the rosary and the Eucharistic Liturgy at the relics of Blessed Mary Angela at the Church at Smolensk Street, the young women participating in the three-day retreat came to visit our Museum and Archives. They were accompanied by a Priest who conducted the retreat and the Sisters responsible for their spiritual exercises.

The women visited the Museum and learned a bit about the life and spirituality of Blessed Mary Angela. They were very pleased by the opportunity of seeing some of the interesting archival materials.

May the Lord be with them, and lead them during the retreat time. (See the photos in the Gallery)


On Sunday afternoon – January 24 – the Postulants of the Warsaw Province came to visit the Museum and Archives. They came to Kraków, together with the Director of Postulancy, to deepen their relationship with the Blessed Mary Angela, our Foundress.

During their stay at the house of Blessed Mary Angela they prayed together, visited the Museum, had an opportunity to see precious treasures that are stored in the Archives and at the conclusion of the day there was also time to joyfully meet at the common table. (See the photos in the Gallery)


On the days of January 21 - 23 at the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska eight Sisters working as sacristan met for the three-day encounter: two Sisters from the Krakow Province, and three Sisters from the Przemysl and Warsaw Province.

Each day of the meeting had its own theme and a different plan. The first day was dedicated to our Blessed Foundress, Mary Angela Truszkowska. On this day, the Sisters had the opportunity to delve into the writings of Blessed Mary Angela, to visit her relics and pray by them. The second day was a day of Divine Mercy, during which SM Christella Skwarek of the Warsaw Province shared with them a reflection and together participated in the solemn ENTRANCE through the Door of Mercy at the Divine Mercy Shrine. They also participated in the Eucharist and a procession of lights celebrated in the center of St. Pope John Paul II. The third day was devoted to the liturgy – the Sisters had the opportunity to listen to the conference by Father Cezary Pietras, OFM Cap.

The time of praying together and sharing their experience of work in the sacristy was, by the grace of God, the blessed time. We hope that it will result in a greater zeal and joy in serving at the altar of the Lord each and every day.


On January 10, 2016 the first meeting with Blessed Mary Angela of this year was held in the Museum and Archives.

Since on December 19 was marked by the Centenary of the death of Mother Mary Magdalene Borowska, who served for 44 years in the role of the Superior General of our Congregation, during this meeting we pondered upon fragments of the letters in which Mother Mary Magdalene writes about Mother Mary Angela, our Foundress.

The texts were taken from different periods of the life of our Mother from 1872 to 1899.

In those letters one is struck by the simplicity and at the same time a great respect of Mother Magdalene in relation to Mother Foundress. In a letter to Father Honorat Kozminski of 17.X.1898, she wrote:

"Grandma Angela still sick and her illness, unfortunately, is a serious cause of concern. About the fact that she has a tumor in the breast, you Father already know; but since then she is getting worse. Maybe it is not from the tumor but still she is so weak that she could barely drag her feet and has a variety of ailments."

Although they not always saw the same way the administration of the Congregation and its development, both served God and people unconditionally. Mother Magdalene looked for Mother Foundress’ advice, asked for her opinion and she saw in her in her the model of total and irrevocable surrender to the Lord.




On December 13 the Sisters came to the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska, blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters for a meeting with Mary Angela. Due to the Cenetenary of Mother Mary Magdalene Borowska’s death, which falls on December 19, during this meeting, we reflected on Mother Angela’s letters to Mother Magdalene. Sister Mary Blaise, the Archivist, briefly presented some information on Mother Magdalena and showed us some interesting souvenirs that are found in our Archives. After some time of reflection, the Sisters shared their insight regarding the passages of letters which were proposed for reading. They emphasized Mother Angela’s humility and simplicity, as well as her love for the Holy Church and efforts put to obtain for the Congregation the official approval of the Holy See.

Mother Mary Magdalene Borowska, serving in the role of the Superior General for 44 years, personally went to Rome to seek confirmation for the Congregation of the Holy See.

Mother Mary Angela went through the Decretum Laudis in 1874 as well as confirmation of the Congregation in 1899 shortly before her death.


On November 14, 2015 an Encounter with Blessed Angela Truszkowska took place for the first time. Although only two women came, we reflected on Blessed Mary Angela’s letters written to Mother Mary Anna Bielska.

Sister Mary Błażeja briefly presented the figure of Mother Mary Anna Bielska and explained situations in which the two letters were written.

After individual reflection on the content of the letters there was the opportunity for common sharing. Mother Angela’s words: Take your cross ... seemed to speak eloquently and have become an invitation to embrace the Cross of everyday life with love and strong believe that God IS there for us and He GUIDES us.

Transitus - Blessed Mary Angela's passing from this earth to Glory

On October 9, 2015, our Sisters came to the chapel in the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska, Blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters to participate in a prayerfull experiences called Transitus of Blessed Mary Angela - the moment of her passing from this world to the glory of heaven.

We listened to the description of the last days and hours of our Blessed Foundress.

Each of us, as it could be done by the Felician on the very eve of Mother Angela’s death, had approached her relics, venerated it, lit a candle as a sign of taking on the Charism of our Foundress and received a holy card with Mother’s Testament.

These were moments of very personal encounter with Mother.

At the time of Mother’s death, to mark her passage to the Lord, the candle symbolizing Her Life and Her charism, which she had bestowed on us. was extinguished.

We ended our common vigil singing joyfully the hymn of the Congregation, Kochajcie bardzo wasze Zgromadzenie.

May Blessed Mary Angela obtain for us the graces we need to faithfully live our consecration in the charism that was given to us.



Gospel, J 6: 37-40

Jesus said to the crowds:“Everything that the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not reject anyone who comes to me, because I came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of the one who sent me. And this is the will of the one who sent me, that I should not lose anything of what he gave me, but that I should raise it on the last day. For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him may have eternal life, and I shall raise him on the last day.”



Sister Mary Celestine Giertych, Minister General wrote to Felician Sisters on 23 September 2013:

"The Museum and Archives of Blessed Angela in Krakow has prepared a virtual tour of the museum.  (...)
Congratulations on making the museum accessible enabling all interested individuals to get a tour of the museum in this way and so become more familiar with the wonderful work that our sisters have accomplished and continue to do".

We invite all those people, who do not have possibility to come to our Museum, to take advantage of the presentation of our collections.


                                                          JANUARY 2013 - DECEMBER 2014




On November 9 - 11, 2012, there was another meeting for the Felician Associates in the Museum. S.M. Angelika Spychalska CSSF from Warsaw arrived with the following women to participate in the meeting: Anna, Małgorzata, Leonarda, Jadwiga, Jolanta and Barbara. Also Bożena from Cracow participated for a few days.
The meeting began on Friday afternoon. On this day, we visited Mother Angela’s room in the Felician Sisters convent at Smoleńsk Street.
Friday evening and Saturday morning was a time of prayer in silence, which turned out to be the most difficult ascetic exercise these days. After dinner, we prayed vespers. On Saturday s.M.Bernarda gave a conference on faith in connection with the life of Blessed Mary Angela. Next the whole group visited the Museum and Archives. There was also an hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in our chapel and sharing the Word of God. Common meals were also an opportunity to share faith and life experiences.In the evening, we participated in the Holy Mass in honor of Blessed Mary Angela and service which takes place in Smolensk on each 10th day of month.Fr. Robert Cielicki OFMCap. from Capuchin convent in Cracow celebrated the Holy Mass on Sunday in our chapel. Then we met each other at common breakfast.At the last meeting of our retreat days, the participants shared their experiences and impressions.




In our Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska in Krakow are assembled numerous of documents and materials related to the history of the Congregation and the person of the Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska – the foundress. Many of these documents is not read yet, that's why the first meeting of the cycle: Meetings in the Archives has been organised. The aim of that meetings is to increase the possibility of using the unpublished documents by the Sisters of our Polish Provinces. The meeting took place on 21 and 22 of September and the topic was The ministry of the Felician Sisters in the January Uprising and the dissolution of the Congregation, because of the upcoming 150th anniversary.

The meeting was attended by four sisters from our Polish provinces of Cracow, Przemysl and Warsaw. It began with a prayer in the chapel. Participants were greeted and introduced into the theme of the meeting by SM Bernarda, who is the Director of the Museum and Archives in Krakow. During the meeting S.M. Izajasza presented a brief presentation of the archive, its history, resources and the work which have been done on the documents located here. On Saturday, at 8.00 we participated in the Holy Mass. at the altar of the Blessed Mary Angela at Smolensk. Later Sisters were familiarized with the history of the January Uprising and the ministry of the Felician Sisters on the strenght of two presentations and exceptions of the history of our Congregation. Sisters with attention started reviewing the directory and then the specific documents on this topic. At the end of the meeting sisters shared the fruits of their work with other participants in the meeting. The fruits of this meeting will help to organize the exhibition and brochure on the subject.







           He was born in Cantalice (Rieti) in 1515
           and died in Rome on May 18, 1587.
           A peasant and shepherd, he joined the Capuchins at the end of 1543.
           Felix was a quester, an excellent adviser, and a friend of the saints.
           He was buried in the Immaculate Conception Church in Rome.
           He was beatified on June 4, 1625
           and canonized on May 22, 1712 by Pope Clemens XI.


                 It is with great joy that during this New Year we, as a Congregation, are privileged
            to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Canonization of our dearly-loved patron,
            Felix of Cantalice. On May 22, in the year 1712, the Church officially recognized
            the sanctity of this Holy Capuchin and proclaimed him Saint Felix of Cantalice,
            the first Capuchin to be granted this honor by the Church.(…)

                 Daily God bestows on us countless blessings which move us with St. Felix
            to proclaim Deo Gratias. Accordingly, I invite each of us during this anniversary
            year to create a Deo Gratias Litany which will resound from the heart of every
            Felician Sister giving thanks, praise, honor and glory to God!
                                                                                                                                 In Mary’s Immaculate Heart,
                                                                                                                                 SM Barbara Ann Bosch
                                                                                                                                 Minister General


The second renewal days program for the Felician Associates took place in the Museum and Archives of Blessed Mary Angela on March 9 – 11, 2012. Women came from Oleśnica, the Parish of St. Augustine in Wroclaw and two women from the vicinity of Cracow. Sister Mary Jadwiga who accompanied the group from Wroclaw also participated in the retreat days. The meeting began on Friday afternoon with a visit to Blessed Mary Angela’s room in the Felician Sisters Provincial House on Smoleńsk Street. After dinner, Vespers and the Way of the Cross with the texts of Blessed Mary Angela were prayed in the chapel. Friday evening and Saturday morning was reserved for a time of silent prayer and reflection.

On Saturday Sister Mary Bernarda presented two conferences and gave to the group a guided tour of the rooms in the Museum and Archives. There was also an hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel and sharing of the Word of God. The Associates participated in the evening Holy Mass in honor of Blessed Mary Angela and service which takes place in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on Smolensk Street on the 10th day of each month. The participants felt a part of the prayer service because they were able to hear their prayer requests mentioned aloud during the service and the whole community gathered in the church prayed for these intentions. The intentions were deposited in the kneeler at the altar of Blessed Mary Angela before Mass. Father Robert Cielicki OFM Cap. celebrated the Eucharistic Liturgy at the conclusion of the renewal days on Sunday. Holy Mass was held in the chapel of the Museum and Archives. After Mass Father Cielicki blessed the participants with the relic of Blessed Mary Angela and they were invited to come forward and venerate the relic. At the last session of the retreat, the participants shared their experiences and impressions of the program.




Felician Associates's Renewal Days

Sister Mary Bernarda, director of the Museum and Archives of Blessed Mary Angela and Sister Mary Izajasza, archivist, conducted the first Felician Associates’ Renewal Days Program which was held on November 11 – 13, 2011, in the Museum and Archives of Blessed Mary Angela in Cracow. The retreat days aimed to make known to others the spirituality of Blessed Mary Angela, her love of God and neighbor. The program included common morning and evening prayer, time for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharistic Liturgy and sharing the Word of God. Participants included women from Cieszanow, Olesnica Slaska, and Stargard Szczecinski.

At the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Smolensk Street, the Associates participated in the Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated by Father Tomasz Chmura, A highlight of the day was to pray by the relics of Blessed Mary Angela in the church and visit her room in the Provincial House of the Felician Sisters. A tour of the Museum and Archives provided the Associates information about the life of Blessed Mary Angela and the opportunity to visit the displays of many artifacts connected with her life. The renewal days concluded with Holy Mass celebrated by Father Robert Cielcki, OFM Cap. in the chapel of the Museum and Archives.