Meeting for the Sisters Serving in the Internal Works of the Congregation

Starting on February 16 to 18 there was held a meeting at the Museum and Archives for the Sisters serving in the internal works of the Congregation. From each Province arrived three Sisters. Among them were Sisters working in the kitchen, Opłatkania (Host making) and at the Furta (Main Entrance), taking care of the convent?s grounds and helping the sick as well as performing all kinds of work for the good of the community.

Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela and Blessed Father Honorat

On February 5, 2017, we met again in the Museum and Archives, to ponder over the writings of our Blessed Foundress and Blessed Father Honorat, the spiritual father of the Congregation. The texts which have been proposed to reflect upon, both from the writings of Mother Angela as those from Father Honorat?s letters to the Felician Sisters, in a very special way drew our attention to the spirituality of atonement in our Congregation. The Sisters shared their experience of different religious practices, which helped them to grow in this spirituality. Sisters highlighted anew the importance and richness of the Adorations of atonement. This is what Blessed Father Honorat wrote in 1888 in the Introduction to the Book of Life: