Blessed Mary Angela prayed this Act and inscribed it by hand into a prayer book

O DEAREST ST. JOSEPH, most precious to my heart after Jesus and Mary, I give myself to you. To you I consecrate and entrust myself, as Jesus and Mary entrusted themselves to you. O receive me as your pupil, as your child, for I choose you as guide, guardian, and father of my poor soul for my whole life.


During the all-day exposition, Sister from the sacristy will give a signum five minutes before each hour, that is, a five-bell sign with the choir bell. Each Sister, wherever this bell will find her, will stop her activities immediately, will kneel on the floor and kiss it saying quietly, while bowed down deeply, that is with her head and shoulders: Praised be the Most Blessed Sacrament … and Forgive us, Lord, forgive and do not be upset with us for ever.


On February 13, 2018, the second group of the Sisters from the Przemysl Province participating in the retreat came to Krakow for a pilgrimage of thanksgiving. The entire day was filled with encounters with Mother Mary Angela, the Blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters. The Sisters came for the thanksgiving pilgrimage on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Beatification of their Foundress.

The day began with the common experience of Transitus in the cell from which Mother Angela was called to the Father?s House. A special and cherished moment of the day was the Eucharist celebrated at the altar of Blessed Mary Angela?s relics in the church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Krakow.

As before, the retreat Father in his homily referred to the words spoken during the beatification ceremony in Rome by John Paul II. Among other things, he quoted:

Her (Mother Angela?s) greatest desire was to become a ?victim of love?.  And she always understood love as a free gift of herself.  ?Loving means giving.  Giving everything that love asks for.  Giving immediately, without regrets, with joy, and wanting even more to be asked of us.  These are her own words in which she summed up the whole program of her life.

Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela

On February 11, 2018, the next meeting with the Blessed Mary Angela took place in the Museum and Archives. On that day falls the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and although this year it was Sunday, it was, like every other year, celebrated as a Day of the Sick.

On this Marian day, the Sisters received excerpts from the writings of Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska and Blessed Father Honorat Kozminski, showing the love for Mary, especially for Her Immaculate Heart.

Days of Retreat for Young Women

On February 6-9, 2018 there was a retreat for young women directed by Sister Mary Ewa. On Thursday, February 8, an eleven-member group came to the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska, Blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters, to get to know better both Blessed Mother Angela and the Congregation she founded.