Counsels for Sister Mary Ceslaus Trzcinska

The text is found in a little book which belonged to Sister Mary Ceslaus Trzcinska on pp. 357-359, wherein we also find the Life of Blessed Ceslaus.

Sister Mary Ceslaus, Theodora Trzcinska (1841-1908) entered the Congregation in Warsaw in 1861. She performed the following functions in the Congregation: teacher, treasurer, infirmarian and Superior in Bochnia. In the Mortuology the is mentioned as being always exact and industrious ? pleasant and gentle towards everyone; she was also well-liked by everyone.

Counsels given to Sister Mary Bogdana Mazaraki

Mother Mary Angela wrote those counsels in a small notebook of 32 pages. On the inner cover of this notebook there is pasted a colored picture of Our Lady of Czestochowa. On page 1 there is a picture of the Crucified Christ and beneath it is the following statement: Behold the book of the Chosen, behold the school of perfection, behold the collection of all knowledge. On the left side are found the following words: Read this book often and study it and you will hate sin; you will be overcome with the fear of the judgment of God; you will learn about humility, obedience, patience, love of God and neighbour; you will hold all earthly things in contempt; and you will imitate Jesus Christ. On the bottom we find: Who know him, knows all and will possess all.

Sister Mary Bogdana, Alexandra Mazaraki (1838-1908) entered the Congregation at Warsaw in 1859. She worked for several years at different local missions of the Congregation. Towards the end of her life, because of illness, she remained for about 20 years in the convent infirmary. The Mortuology carries this information about her: She was a quiet soul, united with God throughout her convent life.