Coordinators of the Cult of Blessed Mary Angela Meeting

The Coordinators of the Cult of Blessed Mary Angela from America, Kenya and Poland met in Krakow on September 6 ? 9, 2016. The enriching program of the meeting, which took place mostly in the provincial house at Smolensk Street, foresaw a presentation and a tour of the Museum and Archives.

S. M. Blazeja Kowal gave a presentation on the genealogy of Bl. Mary Angela. In her presentation she offered not only the commonly known information about Mother Angela?s family, but also many, hitherto unknown facts, persons, places, etc. related both to Mother Angela herself, as well as to the family of her cousin Clothilde Ciechanowska, Mother Mary Veronica.

The Sisters had also the opportunity to visit the Museum and see various interesting “treasures” that are kept in the Archives.