Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska

On January 8, 2017 for the first time this year we met with the Sisters to draw from the wealth of our Blessed Mary Angela?s writings. Since we commemorate this year the Year of the Blessed Father Honorat, also during our meetings we ponder over the texts which he himself has written once to the Felician Sisters.

The excerpts from Bl. Father Honorat?s circular letters we reflected upon during the first meeting in the New Year are an echo of what our Blessed Mary Angela conveyed to us in her Testament:

That always the honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the spirit of atonement was in our Congregation treasured and that we would never leave from our Rule and from our life, as we began from the beginning.

And Bl. Father Honorat wrote in his circular letter on the occasion of 300th Anniversary of the Death of St. Felix of Cantalice:

How joyous I would be to see that each one of you is forming herself into a perfect Felician according to your Statutes and that all the sisters in their houses, wherever they may be, 1ive their 1ives in the same manner! I would like to see that a Felician, whether she be in Europe or in America, is everywhere a Felician who can be identified as such by her demeanor. I would like to see that the same spirit animates all and that all are guided according to the same norms ?

Although these words were written over 100 years ago, they are very timely even today. We look forward to the next meeting to continue our reflection on what has been written for us and on the manner those words are being fulfilled in our contemporary lives.