Consecration to Our Lord Jesus Christ

[Warsaw, 8 XII 1861]


(The text was written on sheets of paper bound together with two works of St Alphonsus Ligouri.
Mother Angela gave this book to M. Anna Bielska as a gift on the first anniversary of her profession, December 8, 1861.)

My Lord,  you bid us to suffer, therefore, my poor soul desires it. I want to suffer, O Jesus, but with you; to suffer, but for the love of you; to suffer, but in silence and in solitude; so that no one would know that I suffer, only your; so that only you would hear the groanings of my soul and only you would see my tears. Ah! Teach me, O Lord, to suffer in that way; teach me to suffer without seeking any consolation; to suffer without craving the sympathy of creatures; to suffer without even expecting the eternal joys of heaven. Teach me to suffer, not because suffering is the source of merit and glory, but because it unites us to you and makes our hearts like unto your Sacred Heart.

Teach me to suffer with such a love for your Divine Will, that I would not choose my own crosses but accept those which you send me; that I would not seek relief even for a moment; that I would not even know how to long for heaven, unless you alone, O Lord, fill my heart with this longing. Teach me to love suffering as you loved the cross; teach me to want to suffer as you desired the cross. Teach me to suffer with such silence, such purity and such love as your Most Pure Mother suffered when you left her as an orphan on this earth. Allow me, O Jesus, as you allowed her to die from pain, from longing, and from love, and then do wit me whatever you please.

Allow me to love you forever, to suffer for you forever, if it be your will. I only want to live in your love, to be yours forever, and to praise your Divine Will forever. Amen.