Prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Prayers written by Father Honorat
for the Superiors of the Congregation of the Felician Sister
after their suppression in 1864

O Blessed Lady of the World! our Lady! You Who reign so mercifully over our Congregation, placed into Your Heart from its founding! You, Who delegated to me, Your unworthy handmaid, Your Jurisdiction over this home, please come to my assistance. THe more unworthy the hands into which You entrusted this Your little family, the more the need of Your most solicitous care so that, through my incompetence, not harm would be done to any of  Your children.

O Mother of Love, give me Your love! O Virgin most prudent, give me Your prudence! O Mother most merciful, grant me Your mercy! O Virgin most powerful, grant me Your strength so that I could perform my service to the sisters worthily. O Mary, give me Your Heart so that, with Your Heart and through Your Heart, I would understand and fulfill my responsibilities! Amen.

* * * * *

O Mother of all Mothers! You, Who made me the mother of Your children, obtain for me a motherly heart like Yours so that I would know how to be Your vicar. As You Yourself became the Mother beneath the Cross through God’s Will, as upon His omnipotent word You opened Your bosom of mercy to all, and as You loved all with Your tender love, so fill me with Your grace, who also, through the Will of Your Son, was designated to be mother of His spouses. I beg You, show me how to be a true mother toward all souls entrusted to my care and to love them with genuine love.

O Mother! You, Who in a special way carry us in Your Heart, open up my heart that it could embrace Your whole little family and mine, so no force could draw away any of ours from Your loving Heart. Amen.

* * * * *

O Mother, most sorrowful! You, Who grieved over the loss of Your Son, look upon the pain of Your handmaid whom you once selected to be mother of Your children! Today, I am compelled to see them dispersed from their home and exposed to various dangers of this world. I am returning them to Your security. Watch over them because they are Yours. You alone can safeguard them anywhere and everywhere. You alone can preserve their hearts from the hazardous love for what is worldly. You alone can find the lost ones. You alone can bring them back to Your Son’s home Let me partake of the joy which You enjoyed upon finding Your Son in the Temple so that we all may find ourselves in the Sanctuary of Your Son to praise You together with Your Son as we had previously done.

Show Yourself a Mother! You, Who know Your children, please do not allow anyone to snatch them from Your Heart. You are the only source of our hope, our security and our trust! Amen.

* * * * *

O most humble Handmaid of the Lord! You, Who, being chosen as Mother of God, wanted to be a Handmaid of the Lord and You, Who selected me to be servant and handmaid of all Your handmaids, grant me the spirit of humility so that I could faithfully serve all of them with sincere love and so that, directing them, I would desire to remain their humble servant. Amen.

* * * * *

O Sanctuary of the Blessed Trinity and our only Refuge! You, in Whose Immaculate Heart God resides, deign to keep us there, bless my work and allow me to build a Temple for You where Your Son would live with His Spouses and Your daughters as once before in the Tabernacle of our Chapel.

O our only Mother, allow me to build a tine home, on the model of Your Home in Nazareth, into which You could draw all Your children whom You had adopted as Your own and who today pine for their forsaken home. They earnestly desire the joys of Your Motherly Heart where You can reside with us and be happy with your children – habitare facere in domo Matrem filiarum laetantem.

O You heavenly Turtle-Dove! permit me to build a nest for myself where I can put my chicks – Nidum turturi, ubi ponat pullos suos.

O You, Who signed us all with Your Holy Name, allow me to build a home in honor of Your most holy Name where It would be praised always – aedificare domum Nomini Tuo, ubi servaretur Nomen Tuum.

O You Most Holy One! during this my assignment, build in my heart and the hearts of my sisters a pleasant abode for Yourself and Your Divine Son where He would remain forever and where You as our Mother would rejoice with Your Child in Whom Your Name is revered eternally. Amen