Dedication of Self under the Patronage of St. Francis

(Attributed to Mother Mary Angela)

MY BELOVED FATHER, I, your child dedicate myself to you not only today but for all days of my life. O holy St. Francis, Jesus led me to join myself to you through my holy vows for the continuance of your Order; therefore, you cannot reject me; accept me as unworthy as I am since the Sacred Heart made me your own. O good and beloved St. Francis, take me as your own child, do not abandon me nor neglect me; rather as true Father,  love me deeply and watch over me diligently, for the love of Jesus, no matter how I am.

O dear Father, ask for me the grace of faithfully imitating you; ask God to grant me humility, obedience, patience, and, above all, pure love, deep devotion to poverty, and the spirit of immolation; ask for me a willing and patient carrying of the Lord?s cross. You who were blessed to receive the wounds of Christ, ask for me the privilege of bearing these wounds on my heart, so that with my soul thus sealed I might become more like you; and because of the imprint of these wounds you might present me as your child to Jesus and unite me with him forever.

O my good Father, please accept me and hear me; do not reject the prayers of your daughter and join the wound of your heart with mine forever. Amen.