Blessed Mary Angela prayed this Act and inscribed it by hand into a prayer book

O DEAREST ST. JOSEPH, most precious to my heart after Jesus and Mary, I give myself to you. To you I consecrate and entrust myself, as Jesus and Mary entrusted themselves to you. O receive me as your pupil, as your child, for I choose you as guide, guardian, and father of my poor soul for my whole life.

O dearest St. Joseph, lead me along the right path to Jesus; teach me to love him with a pure and enduring love; teach me to battle with every desire of my nature, with every temptation of the flesh, the world, and the devil; teach me to pray; teach me disregard for myself and perfect obedience.

O dearest St. Joseph, be the guardian of my soul redeemed by the Precious Blood of Jesus; do not leave me for a moment. Watch over me as you watched over the Infant Jesus and I promise you faithfulness, and complete obedience, and love until death. For the love of Jesus and Mary, do not cast me aside from your holy feet, but rather receive me in your care. Amen.