Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela

After the vacation time, having experienced many jouful events related to Blessed Mary Angela in the months of September and October, we begun the new series of encounters with the Blessed Mary Angela.

This year, during our meetings, we want to reflect on the heritage bestowed on us by our Mother Foundress and the first Felician Sisters that were recorded in the Memoirs  of the Congregation of the Felician Sisters.

In 1866, Blessed Father Honorat Koźmiński prepared for the Congregation the first Constitutions, which, being too spacious, before presenting them to the Holy See for approval, had necessarily to be shortened.

After a fifty years of the Congregation’s existence, the Memoirs of the Congregation of the Felician Sisters was prepared, which contains extensive fragments of the first Felician Constitutions.

The Memoirs contains fifteen chapters which clarify the essential norms of Felician spirituality, and the Franciscan concept of religious life lived by the first Felicians.

The first edition of the Memoirs was published in 1912. Every printed copy of the Memoirs contained the following inscription: Read, meditate, imitate, with the blesseing of God. Mother Mary Magdalene, Superior General.

In this way, the Memoirs, showing in a clear and legible way the directions of the spirituality of our Blessed Mary Angela and the first Felician women, was transferred to our times.

During our meeting, the Sisters read, meditated and shared their reflections on the first chapter of the Memoirs entitled: Religious Life.

It is good to go back to the sources and draw from them for one’s spiritual life.