Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela

On Sunday, when the Holy Church celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, in our Museum and Archives we met for the first time in the New Year, to ponder over the treasures given to us by our Blessed Mary Angela and the first generations of the Felician Sisters.

This time, we read and shared a reflection on the third chapter of the Memoirs of the Congregation entitled Religious Perfection.

In a very special way, the Sisters emphasized the necessity of a good knowledge of the spirituality of their religious family and faithful life everything that is essential to our FELICIAN identity.

The Memoirs of the Congregation reminds and encourages:

The sisters become religious by their profession of vows, daughters of St. Francis by accepting the Rule, and Felicians by adopting the Constitutions. Therefore, the sister who desires to claim the name "Felician" must conscientiously observe these Constitutions, all the more, because she committed herself to God through Profession. The Constitutions contain the spirit of the Congregation; therefore, by transgressing them, she would be departing from its spirit. Moreover, one cannot observe the Rule without observing also the Constitutions, which are the best interpretation of the Rule. ...

No sister is therefore dispensed from the duty of obeying the regulations, because such is the intention of the Church, even if at the time of her entrance these regulations were relaxed and even if she did not know these as a novice or at the time of her profession. In addition, no religious can promise to keep only what others are observing, but she pledges to fulfill what the Rule and Constitutions prescribe.

Indeed, the Memoirs of the Congregation is a treasure conveyed to us by Divine inspiration by the first generations of Felicians. God's willing that our hearts constantly burn with love and eagerness in His service.