Counsels for Sister Mary Ceslaus Trzcinska

The text is found in a little book which belonged to Sister Mary Ceslaus Trzcinska on pp. 357-359, wherein we also find the Life of Blessed Ceslaus.

Sister Mary Ceslaus, Theodora Trzcinska (1841-1908) entered the Congregation in Warsaw in 1861. She performed the following functions in the Congregation: teacher, treasurer, infirmarian and Superior in Bochnia. In the Mortuology the is mentioned as being always exact and industrious ? pleasant and gentle towards everyone; she was also well-liked by everyone.

[Warsaw], June 28, 1864


Blest are they who hunger and thirst for holiness. My dear sister, they are blessed because Jesus promises them satiation. In his name I too promise you the same if you will desire it humbly, fervently and perseveringly.

Desire it humbly, that is, consider yourself unworthy to attain that for which you are earning. Do not insist that your desires should be fulfilled as soon as possible. Do not even ask when they will be fulfilled, but assuming that God and your Superior know what you desire, wait patiently, quietly and with complete submission to the Will of God, nailing your desires to the holy cross of obedience.

Desire fervently, that is, try diligently for this desire not to cool off within your heart but that it should become more fervent and for that reason do not stop praying nor become weary in your practice of the spiritual life. Remain, as much as possible, in the most perfect contemplation, avoiding all deliberate distractions, mortifying yourself internally and especially the eyes, ears, lips and closing the heart very deeply and tightly in the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

Desire perseveringly, that is, do not get discouraged with any adversity, any delay, any trial from God or people and do not become weary even if you must walk on the hard road of denying yourself the holiest and keenest desires. Do not get tired of it, my dear sister, because the longer and harder the road, the more perfectly you will destroy your self-love, die to yourself, become more disposed to a deeper union with God, your Spouse, and you will be more deserving of his most holy and pure caresses.

I place you completely under the patronage of the Most Blessed Virgin. I bury you in her heart. She will obtain for you all you desire. Allow her to be the Director of your soul and let her dispose you in such a way that you will be worthy to attain, as soon as possible, that what Jesus has prepared for you ? the grace to rest at his feet for which you yearn so much.

Please pray The Memorare every day for me, a sinner, so that I may obtain a perfect conversion, a love for God and neighbor and one grace which I need very much.

Mary Angela