Worship of the Most Holy Face of Jesus in the Church

When we speak or think about the Most Holy Face of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we usually turn our minds to the sixth station in the Way of the Cross where St. Veronica, beholding the Sacred Face covered with blood and sweat, compassionately wiped it with her veil, heedless of the rabble surrounding Jesus.

However, we forget that veneration of the Sacred Face ties in with the mystery of the Incarnation and that the devotion began much earlier.  Already in the stable at Bethlehem, the first, besides Mary and Joseph, to express their reverence were the angels, the shepherds and the Magi.

Likewise, we fail to reflect on the Divine Face, perspiring in fatigue during His teaching of the crowds or beaming at the sight of people rejoicing because of a miraculous cure or conversion.  We also do not too frequently remember the Sacred Face radiant with glory during the Transfiguration at Mount Tabor.  The Face of Christ at that moment was so resplendent and beautiful that the Apostles looking at it ?saw no one else but Jesus alone, the Son of God in Whom the Father was well pleased.?

Saint John Paul II’s Window in Krakow

We all know that this year we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the election of Karol Wojtyla to the Holy See. Last week, and especially the day of October 16, 2018, was filled with celebrations reminiscent of an event from forty years ago, and perhaps most of all, expressing our gratitude to God for the gift of this Great Polish Man.

On Tuesday evening, October 16, 2018, at 8:00 p.m., the Papal Window at 3 Franciszkanska Street in Krakow was ceremonially unveiled. In the restored Papal Window there is a mosaic depicting the Pope in white robes. At the top and bottom, there are flowers that refer to those that Our Lady in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska has on her dress.

Bl. Mary Angela Truszkowska’s relics in Torun

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, exactly on the 40th Anniversary of the election of Karol Wojtyła to the Holy See, many Felician Sisters participated in the ceremony of introducing the relics of Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska to the Shrine of Our Lady, the Star of the New Evangelization and Saint John Paul II in Torun.

Below is a link to the photo gallery from the ceremony and also to the Information Service on the TRWAM Television.

Photo Galery

Information Service

Benefactors of the Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On the day of the liturgical commemoration of Blessed Honorat Kozminski, October 13, 2018, our Museum and Archives were visited by a group of benefactors who have helped the Sisters Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the renovations of the dormitory for girls in Krakow. Due to the fact that it would be difficult to visit the Museum if the entire group (over 80 people) came together, that’s why one part went to visit Kraków, and the second – the larger one – came to the Museum and Archives of Blessed Maria Angela.

All Saints Parish from Pszczyna visits Blessed Mary Angela

Today, October 13, 2018, the liturgical commemoration of Bl. Honorat Koźminski, the spiritual director of the Felician Sisters Congregation, Fr. Damian Gatnar, the Pastor of All Saints Church from Pszczyna, arrived to Krakow together with a group of his parishioners and sister Maria Ezechiela Barszczak. Their first steps were made to the Museum and Archives of Blessed Maria Angela to learn about her life and spirituality.

All participants of the pilgrimage, from the youngest to the oldest, listened attentively to the story about Mother Angela's life, about the work of the Felician Sisters and about the main aspects of the Felician spirituality bestowed on us by our Blessed Foundress.

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