All Saints Parish from Pszczyna visits Blessed Mary Angela

Today, October 13, 2018, the liturgical commemoration of Bl. Honorat Koźminski, the spiritual director of the Felician Sisters Congregation, Fr. Damian Gatnar, the Pastor of All Saints Church from Pszczyna, arrived to Krakow together with a group of his parishioners and sister Maria Ezechiela Barszczak. Their first steps were made to the Museum and Archives of Blessed Maria Angela to learn about her life and spirituality.

All participants of the pilgrimage, from the youngest to the oldest, listened attentively to the story about Mother Angela's life, about the work of the Felician Sisters and about the main aspects of the Felician spirituality bestowed on us by our Blessed Foundress.


In the room with the  liturgical memorabilia, each pilgrim could draw a number from the Spiritual Treasury, which was once used in the main convent. After drawing and checking the intentions according to the list, everyone took in their hearts a prayerful concern about those entrusted to them.

Next stop on the pilgrim's road was the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at 6 Smolensk Street in Krakow where are located Blessed Mary Angela's relics.