Letter – to Countess Catherine Adam Potocka

Krystynow, a foundation named after St. Christina, the patron saint of Countess Andrew Potocka, situated in Wodna, near Siersz in the district of Chrzanow.

Catherine of the Branicki line Countess Adam Potocka and her son Andrew resolved in 1892 to erect for the local population around Siersz a church, a school, a nursery, a sewing center and a clinic for the sick, and to entrust the administration of these facilities to the Felician Sisters. The foundation was inspired by two motives: the welfare of the local populace and a petition to God for a son for Count Andrew who was the last of his line and had only daughters. The sisters moved into the convent and took charge of the school in 1894. Two years later, Count Adrew and Christina were blessed with the desired son Adam, and still later with two more sons, Arthur and Andrew.

[Cracow, 1894]

My dear Catherine:

I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I was unable to see you during your visit at Smolensk; but in addition to the difficulty of communicating with me because of my severe deafness, I was in such intense pain that it was impossible for me to come down to the guest room. Thus, I deprived myself of the opportunity of thanking you personally, dear Countess, for the beautiful convent at Krystynow. I never imagined one like it, where everything is in accord with our Rule, and at the same time, so convenient and well-planned.

My stay at Krystynow gave me great pleasure. I did no miss a single corner - in the attic, in the basement, and everywhere I saw your generous heart, dear Countess, and I was moved to even deeper gratitude toward you. Only the best mothers prepares everything so well for her children.

I know, my dear Countess, that in performing these deeds of charity you are motivated by the love for God and you do not need any thanks; however, my heart had to express its gratitude at least in a few inadequate words which I will still better express at the feet of Jesus tomorrow after Holy Communion, which I shall offer for your intentions so that he will bless you and your whole family.  I will also pray that the work of the sisters would bring glory to Jesus, great benefit to the souls to whom they will minister and much joy to its founders.

I suffer so much day and night that I cannot be present at the blessing of Krystynow, but I will be there in spirit.  I beg your pardon, Countess, for this long letter, but  had to satisfy the needs of my heart. I was greatly pleased that you accepted the lily which I myself raised. Indeed, it was a real pleasure for me that I could offer you one.

With words of deepest respect and gratitude, I remain Your lowliest servant in Christ

s. Mary Angela, Felician