Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(composed by Blessed Mary Angela)

O BELOVED HEART of my Immaculate Mother, I desire to make an offering of myself to you, for belonging to you, I belong to Jesus also.

O dearest and sweetest Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself wholly to you as your exclusive and entire possession forever.

Accept me, O Heart of my Mother, for yo u never reject anyone. I give you my body, my heart and my soul; all my actions, thoughts, words, desires, and intentions I dedicate wholly to you. I offer you all my joys and consolations; on you I place the burden of the sorrows and afflictions which Jesus may wish to send me. I give you even my sins and my failings. May I be so closely united to you as to say: I live now not I, but the heart of Mary lives in me.

Feel, love and do all in me; rule my entire being; guide whose whom you have place over me. And I solemnly promise you, O sweetest Heart, I promise and vow my fidelity until death. Watch over me and give me strength that I may keep this vow, that being yours on this earth, I may be yours for all eternity. Amen.