Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Time of Renewal of Vows

[Warsaw], December 8, 1862


(The text is written on the first page of a spiritual notebook of Sister Mary Candace Gibasiewicz who received it from Mother Mary Angela on the day of her profession, December 8, 1862)

O my dear Jesus, I consecrate myself to you as much as I am able, completely and fully.  My vows have already pinned me to the cross with you and today, I once again, place them into your Most Sacred Heart in the presence of heave and earth.  Thank you, dear Lord, for inspiring me to do this. I admit that your holy yoke is neither unpleasant nor heave; that the bonds which bind me to you give me so much joy. I would want them to increase and to restrain me more and more with each passing day. My dear Lord, I desire and promise to carry the cross of religious life to my dying day. It will be my glory and delight. May I never boast of anything but the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ! Through it, the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.

Do not allow, O my God, that at any time I possess any treasures but Holy Poverty; do not allow, O my God, that anything should appeal to me more than Angelic Purity; do not allow, O my God, that I should crave at any time to relinquish the sweet yoke of Obedience. I do not desire any other recognition but contempt for myself, self-denial and abasement. I do not want any other love but the love of Jesus, the love of humility, suffering and the cross.

O Lord, you are mine forever. I will never separate myself from you nor from the thorny cross-filled road which leads me to yo u. Amen.I will never fear anything because you are my Light. You will not allow hell to prevail over me; through you I will conquer my enemies because your Heart, which has favored me with so many graces, will always be my refuge. O my dear Jesus, I beg you, through your Most Precious Blood, through your Wounds and your Most Sacred Heart, grant that I become a perfect sacrifice of your love. Amen.