A Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to the “Mother’s House”

On January 30, 2018, Felician Sisters from the Przemyśl Province arrived with a Pilgrimage of Thanksgiving to the “Mother’s House”, that is to the Relics of Mary Angela Truszkowska, the Blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters which are located in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Krakow. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Beatification of Mary Angela Truszkowska, which has become an opportunity for pilgrimage. It was a time of thanksgiving for the life, vocation and holiness of Blessed Mary Angela, for calling the Felician Congregation to life, for vocation of each Felician Sister, for all good that for the past 25 years has been a share of both the Sisters and those to whom the Lord has sent them.

The Sisters participated in Transitus in Mother Angela’s cell where she completed her earthly pilgrimage, visited special places inside the convent, which were important for Mother, and participated in the Eucharistic Liturgy at the altar with her relics. During the homily, Father recalled the words of Saint John Paul II from the beatification ceremony:

I salute you, Mother Mary Angela Truszkowska, Mother of the great Felician family.  You were a witness of the difficult history of our country and of the Church which there fulfilled her mission. 

Christ led Mother Angela by a truly exceptional path, causing her to share intimately in the mystery of his cross.  He formed her spirit by means of numerous sufferings, which she accepted with faith and a truly heroic submission to his will: in seclusion and in solitude, in a long and truing illness and in the dark night of the soul.

Her greatest desire was to become a ?victim of love?. And she always understood love as a free gift of herself. Loving means giving. Giving everything that love asks for. Giving immediately, without regrets, with joy, and wanting even more to be asked of us. These are her own words in which she summed up the whole program of her life.

The Sisters could also remind themselves the very event of beatification along with the preceding beatification process, watching the prepared presentation.

In the afternoon, the Sisters had the opportunity to visit the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela Truszkowska, the Blessed Foundress of the Felician Sisters. Most of the Sisters visited the Museum a long time ago, so it would seem that due to the recent changes, the Museum was visited for the first time.

The Sisters, strengthened spiritually by the encounter with Mother Foundress, returned to Przemyśl, where they will begin their annual retreat. May God bless them, and may Mother Angela obtain for them the necessary grace to live the charism of the Congregation faithfully.