All Saints Parish Pilgrimage from Brzeziny

On the day of Saint Clare, August 11, 2018, a pilgrimage group from All Saints' Parish in Brzeziny arrived at the Museum and Archives of Mary Angela. On their pilgrim route they came to the Museum and Archives to get to know Blessed Mary Angela and in this way to prepare for the ceremony of introducing Mary Angela's relics to their Parish Church, which will take place on September 16, 2018.

The Parish priest makes any effort that a growing group of parishioners could get to know the Blessed Mary Angela, who is also considered the Patron of the Sick. This is the second group of pilgrims from this parish that came to Mary Angela. In one month, Blessed Mary Angela will come, in her relics, to the All Saints Church in Brzeziny. May her intercession obtains the necessary graces for all pilgrims, their families and the entire Parish.