Benefactors of the Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On the day of the liturgical commemoration of Blessed Honorat Kozminski, October 13, 2018, our Museum and Archives were visited by a group of benefactors who have helped the Sisters Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the renovations of the dormitory for girls in Krakow. Due to the fact that it would be difficult to visit the Museum if the entire group (over 80 people) came together, that’s why one part went to visit Krak√≥w, and the second – the larger one – came to the Museum and Archives of Blessed Maria Angela.

People came from almost all over Poland. Some have heard about Mother Angela for the first time. Some already knew Mother Angela and places associated with her. Many people have promissed their return to the Museum when they will be able to spend more time to deepen their knowledge of Blessed Mary Angela and her spirituality.