Encounter with Blessed Mary Angela

On Sunday, March 10, once again we met to reflect on one of the chapters of the Memoirs of the Congregation. This time it was chapter V entitled: The Vocation of the Sisters of Saint Felix.

Although this chapter was scheduled for this meeting following its order, it should be emphasized that the theme and the invitations of this chapter were closely connected with the time of Lent.

First of all, we found an invitation to atone to God and to conversion as well as an encouragement to start this transformation in our own hearts. Here is a significant part of this chapter. The Memoirs of the Congregation was written more than 100 years ago, and it would seem that it was written for our times.

Lest the Sisters become arrogant and vain because of their sublime destiny, let them, first of all, strive for transformation of their own hearts and then attempt the conversion of their neighbour. This conversion ought to be preceded by atonement and by offering satisfaction to God for the insults against His majesty.

Their primary task shall be atonement to God for the negligence and irreverence with which some religious participate in the Sacred Mysteries and liturgical services. The sisters shall strive, therefore, as far as it is humanly possible, for an interior disposition of continual adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, for a faithful and diligent praying of the Divine Office, for an ardent spirit during meditation, and for observing a proper decorum in the Presence of the Lord at all times.

Since the disregard of Christian principles and the abandonment of Christian virtues are the basic causes of ruin in the Church, the sisters, by becoming living examples of integrity, shall do their utmost to restore fundamental Christian principles and to lead society on the path of virtuous Christian living.