Blessed Mary Angela prayed this Act and inscribed it by hand into a prayer book

O DEAREST ST. JOSEPH, most precious to my heart after Jesus and Mary, I give myself to you. To you I consecrate and entrust myself, as Jesus and Mary entrusted themselves to you. O receive me as your pupil, as your child, for I choose you as guide, guardian, and father of my poor soul for my whole life.

Dedication of Self under the Patronage of St. Francis

(Attributed to Mother Mary Angela)

MY BELOVED FATHER, I, your child dedicate myself to you not only today but for all days of my life. O holy St. Francis, Jesus led me to join myself to you through my holy vows for the continuance of your Order; therefore, you cannot reject me; accept me as unworthy as I am since the Sacred Heart made me your own. O good and beloved St. Francis, take me as your own child, do not abandon me nor neglect me; rather as true Father,  love me deeply and watch over me diligently, for the love of Jesus, no matter how I am.

O dear Father, ask for me the grace of faithfully imitating you; ask God to grant me humility, obedience, patience, and, above all, pure love, deep devotion to poverty, and the spirit of immolation; ask for me a willing and patient carrying of the Lord?s cross. You who were blessed to receive the wounds of Christ, ask for me the privilege of bearing these wounds on my heart, so that with my soul thus sealed I might become more like you; and because of the imprint of these wounds you might present me as your child to Jesus and unite me with him forever.

O my good Father, please accept me and hear me; do not reject the prayers of your daughter and join the wound of your heart with mine forever. Amen.


Act of self-surrender to Mary

(Written by M. M. Angela in 1868 and based on St. Louis de Montfort?s Act of Consecration)

I, SISTER ?, prostrate at your feet, O Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary, conceived without sin, in the presence of God in the most Holy Trinity, all the angels and saints, under the special protection of St. Joseph, our Father St. Francis, St Felix, St. Clare, my patron and all the patron saints, choose you, O Holy Mother, as my Lady and Owner of all my being, all my desires, past and future, external and internal, with all their worth, and whatever merit I had, have, or will have, reserving none for myself but giving everything which before God may be meritorious to you as a gift for your possession that you may dispense with all according to your will and pleasure.

Chaplet to Blessed Mary Angela

Begin with

All through the Heart of Mary in honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament.


Hail Mary ? 3x, requesting for the gift of faith hope and love.

Raise up your intention

Ask Blessed Mary Angela for her intercession for your intention by praying:

Blessed Mary Angela pray for us. (10 times)

Conclude praying: ? Our Father?

(With Ecclesiastical Approval Archdiocese of Chicago ? April 18, 2003)

Consecration to Our Lord Jesus Christ

[Warsaw, 8 XII 1861]


(The text was written on sheets of paper bound together with two works of St Alphonsus Ligouri.
Mother Angela gave this book to M. Anna Bielska as a gift on the first anniversary of her profession, December 8, 1861.)

My Lord,  you bid us to suffer, therefore, my poor soul desires it. I want to suffer, O Jesus, but with you; to suffer, but for the love of you; to suffer, but in silence and in solitude; so that no one would know that I suffer, only your; so that only you would hear the groanings of my soul and only you would see my tears. Ah! Teach me, O Lord, to suffer in that way; teach me to suffer without seeking any consolation; to suffer without craving the sympathy of creatures; to suffer without even expecting the eternal joys of heaven. Teach me to suffer, not because suffering is the source of merit and glory, but because it unites us to you and makes our hearts like unto your Sacred Heart.

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Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Time of Renewal of Vows

[Warsaw], December 8, 1862


(The text is written on the first page of a spiritual notebook of Sister Mary Candace Gibasiewicz who received it from Mother Mary Angela on the day of her profession, December 8, 1862)

O my dear Jesus, I consecrate myself to you as much as I am able, completely and fully.  My vows have already pinned me to the cross with you and today, I once again, place them into your Most Sacred Heart in the presence of heave and earth.  Thank you, dear Lord, for inspiring me to do this. I admit that your holy yoke is neither unpleasant nor heave; that the bonds which bind me to you give me so much joy. I would want them to increase and to restrain me more and more with each passing day. My dear Lord, I desire and promise to carry the cross of religious life to my dying day. It will be my glory and delight. May I never boast of anything but the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ! Through it, the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.

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Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa “At the Little Castle” in Belz

(The prayer was written in letter form on a faded card sewn into the dress of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Czestochowa embroidered by the Felicians of Cracow in 1873) 

All through the Heart of Mary

O Mary of Jasna Gora, you who reign for so many centuries over Poland and her people; you who are a special Patroness and Foundress of our humble Congregation, have mercy on me and cure me of this sickness, in which I cry out over my sins.

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Chaplet of Thanksgiving

(Prayer used by Blessed Mary Angela)

Opening - Magnificat...

On the large beads:

ETERNAL FATHER, I offer you the Most Sacred Heart of your Beloved Son in thanksgiving for all the graces you have bestowed upon us, especially for the Most Blessed Sacrament, for the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and for the preservation and approbation of our Congregation.

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